Flatbed Ford

I was standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona when a girl in a flatbed Ford popped a tire right in front of me. I asked, “Can I help ya?” and she said, “Only if I had an spare tire.” So I left her on her own seeing how I couldn’t offer any kind of service to help in the situation. However, had she had that spare tire I may have not have been hit by the Oldsmobile 5 minutes later while crossing the street. Now I am stuck in the hospital staring at that corner wondering what could have been. Why didn’t that woman have a spare tire? Wait why was I even on that corner?

Three days have passed and everyday I stare at that corner kicking myself, thinking of all the different possibilities. Well I guess there is no fuss in at beating myself over it because what’s happened has happened. But to my surprise that girl came to my room stop and take a look at me. She said, “Are you hurt? And don’t say maybe!” I told her, “I’m taken it easy.” After that we went on a date later that week, which then turned into several until we married one year later. I guess fate was in my hands of that girl in the flatbed ford.