GloMoSto: Global Month of Stories

GloMoSto is short for Global Month of Storytelling and it’s inspired by NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month and Story Corps. It actually is a floating “month” that can be declared by any individual at any time when they feel like taking three days to document their lives in whatever way they’d like. Three-day sabbaticals may be saved up to a year or used monthly.

Marge Percy’s poem featured in today’s Writer’s Alamanac suggests the value of reflection on days lived . . .

October nor’easterby Marge Piercy

Leaves rip from the trees
still green as rain scuds
off the ocean in broad grey
scimitars of water hard
as granite pebbles flung
in my face.
Sometimes my days are torn
from the calendar,
hardly touched and gone,
like leaves too fresh
still to fall littering
sodden on the bricks.
But I have had them—
torrents of days. Who
am I to complain they
shorten? I used them
hard, wore them out
and down, grabbed
at what chance offered.
If I stand stripped
and bare, my bones
still shine like opals
where love rubbed sweetly,
hard, against them.

“October nor’easter” by Marge Piercy, from The Crooked Inheritance. © Knopf, 2006.