Great Dane

Well, this didn’t happen today, but it happened earlier this week. I was walking my pet husky down the canal path and I noticed a huge figure down far down around the bend. I couldn’t tell what it was but I was so perplexed that I kept walking forward until I realized that this thing had noticed me and my dog. Sure enough, it instantly came barreling after me. I turned and ran a bit in the other direction, but the massive, hulking animal got to me and my dog, now snarling in helpless owner-defense mode, in no time at all. I turned around and realized it was an absolutely towering great dane; just the biggest damn dog ever. It jumped at me, and I started panicking a bit as I fell to the ground with it. Of course, like most puppies (yeah it was a puppy) it began licking my face like crazy and wagging is tail as though I had saved its life. It was lost and I called the number on the collar. Not 2 minutes later the nicest and most appreciative lady I’ve ever met came and thanked me for helping. We didn’t live to far away from eachother, so she brought me cookies later that night. Nice person, huge dog!