Green iBlimps Will Soon Rule the Skies (Judge Clears the Way for Apple Inc.-US Airways to expand)

Inspired by Seth Goodman’s apple creation —

Friday, December 6, 2013

With true Apple showmanship, the company on Thursday unveiled its latest product made possible by an expansion with an unlikely partner, US Airways. Stalled for over three years in the courts, a judge had ruled on Wednesday that such an expansion was in the interests of the public and would not threaten the public’s right to affordable cell service.

Those suing to block the expansion argued that it would give Apple an unfair advantage and eventually a monopoly in providing cell service. Apple’s ingenious plan is to use specially-designed US Airways dirigibles as floating cell towers. This technology is currently used for surveillance, drug interdiction, and broadcasting major league football games.

To promote its new iBlimp, Apple is sponsoring the “Apple Art” contest which challenges would-be designers to create a iBlimp logo using natural materials such as Macintosh apples. See photo for example created by well-known DS106 student, Seth Goodman.