How to apply Mascara

Whether you’re a girl learning make-up for the first time, an older girl who needs a refresher, or even a guy who just wants to be in the know. Here are you directions to apply mascara.

1. Go to a local store (CVS, Riteaid, etc.) and buy your favorite mascara.

2. Open the package, and find yourself a mirror.

3. Twist the top with one hand and hold the bottom with of the container with the other hand.

4. Once the top is twisted up, pull it out until you see the tiny brush.

5. Looking in a mirror, open your eye wider then it probably is.

6. Now I start with the top lashes personally, but up to you.

7. Even apply onto lashes on top (on the underside of them).

8. Move to bottom lashes, and apply.

9. Dip brush back into container and pull out.

10. Go back to step 5 and repeat for other eye.

11. Put the brush back in container and twisted closed.

YAY! You are now on your way to being a make-up pro! Just remember sometimes, Less is more in the world of make-up.