How to put on your shoes

Step 1: First choose the appropriate shoe for the weather outside.

Step 2: Take the right shoe and loosen the shoestrings and pull the tongue of the shoe up so your foot can fit in easier.

Step 3: Place your right foot in your right shoe. Make sure it’s in properly.

Step 4: Take the ends of the shoestrings and pull until the strings have tightened enough around the shoe.

Step 5: Begin to tie your shoes, start by making “bunny ears” from the two ends of the shoestrings.

Step 6: Tie one “bunny ear” around the other, underneath and pull both ears tight.

Step 7: Tie the bunny ears around each other once more and there you have, you have successfully put on and tied your shoes.

Repeat last 7 steps for the left foot and left shoe.