How To Use A #2 Pencil

Before starting, be sure that you have:
-a #2 pencil
-pencil sharpener
-something to write on (preferably paper)

Instructions for a #2 pencil
1. First, you must insert the flat wooden end of the pencil into the hole of the pencil sharpener.
2. Twist the pencil repeatedly and intermittently check the pencil after each rotation until it has come to a point.
3. Once your pencil is sharpened, take the paper and place it on a sturdy surface, such as a desk or table.
4. Hold the pencil in your dominant hand with the point pointing down on top of the paper.
5. Apply pressure to the pencil and move the pencil across the paper.
6. If you feel that you have made a mistake, flip your pencil over to the opposite end.
7. Rub the eraser where the mistake has been made on the paper until the pencil marks are gone.
8. Enjoy writing or drawing with your pencil!

*If using a mechanical pencil, you do not need to use a pencil sharpener and can apply pressure to the eraser if you need more lead.