How to Use a Keurig (Model: MINI Plus B31 Keurig Brewer)

1. Plug the cord into a grounded outlet.
2. Press the Power button.
3. Lift the cold water reservoir lid.
4. Pour a desired amount of water (minimum of 6 ounces and maximum of 10 ounces) into the reservoir.
5. Lift the brewer handle (The water will start to drain into the brewer when the handle is lifted).
6. Choose a mug or cup and place it on the drip tray.
7. Select a K-Cup portion pack of your choice.
8. Place the K-Cup into the assembly housing that appears when the brewer handle is lifted. (*Caution: there are
sharp needles in the assembly housing in order to puncture the K-Cup when the brewer handle is lowered)
9. Make sure all of the water has drained into the brewer (This should take approximately 5 seconds).
10. Lower the brewer handle completely.
11. Press the BREW button (It should be flashing blue).
12. The BREW button will flash red while the water is heating.
13. After two minutes approximately, it will turn solid red and the beverage will begin to dispense into your chosen
mug or cup.
14. Once the beverage is fully dispensed, lift the brewer handle and remove the empty K-Cup.
15. Press the Power button to turn the Keurig off.
16. Enjoy your beverage!