It’s still polite to hold a door open for someone

Anywhere you go there will be doors, so why not be polite and see if someone is close behind you or that could really use a helping hand with a door?

It only take a few seconds to hold the door for someone to pass through, but time and time again I witness people rushing through a door, when there was another person that really could have had an easier time getting through the door with that persons help.

My mother raised me to be courteous and holding a door open for another, definitely falls into this category. I will always check my surroundings when I’m about to go through a door and hold it open for someone behind me or if they are going in the opposite direction step out of their way and let them come through before I enter.

Today at lunch, my sister and I were leaving a restaurant and noticed an older couple a few steps behind us, one of which was using a cane. My sister held the first door, while I moved to the second to hold it open as well. Such a simple act of kindness, but it put smiles on their faces. Little things often mean more to others than you think.