I enjoyed the closeness of my friends until it started getting hot! Every second to increase the heat exponentially. Then it wasn’t so cozy anymore, I had to move! Get away from me my actions screamed and it seems we all had the same thoughts . I felt like I would burst….and then I did. It was violently liberating and a little scary but the feeling of being new, bigger and free quickly disipated because my friends were doing the same thing. Now we aren’t so cozy and to be truthful I can’t move at all. I am pressed against my buddies as we all struggle for room to move, which we can’t, and its still so hot and then….release the top of our house is opened and we can breathe again because its not so hot. Earthquake Orville yells and we are thrown against each other in a jiffy; then we are being thrown out of our home and being picked up several at a time and delivered into the cave with moving rocks.