Low and Slow

I just love it when I get rubbed down with the most delectable spices. The feeling of the cracked pepper, grains of salt, and all of the other yummy goodness being massaged in to me just makes me feel like it’s a day at the spa. And like any good cook will know, I need to rest for a day or so in the refrigerator so that I can totally soak in all of the flavors. There are a few ways that the best in me can be brought out. Either in the oven, on a grill or, my favorite, in the smoker. My favorite home is the smoker. There is just something about that mesquite wood smoking me out for hours on end…ahhhhh!!! I can smell it now. Ya just can’t get that in an oven or crock pot. So if you are lazy and want the easy way out may I suggest that you select another cut of meat if you don’t want to ruin me.

The best way to keep me happy is to put me fat side up. Just like someone who goes into the sauna to release all of the toxins after working out, the heat melts that fat I worked so hard to get. But do not fret; by putting me fat side up, all of that deliciousness soaks down into my grains and makes me soooooooo moist and tender. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Now you know that I’m ready when there is a wonderful smoke ring several inches deep. Cut me against the grain and smoother me in your best home made sauce…none of that bottle stuff.