Manning picks a winner again!

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Headline: “And the Peyton Manning colour of 2014 is… Radiant Orchid” (from @twoheadlines:

Once again the quarterback for the Denver Broncos has picked a winning colour for the year, as shown in this photo from his most recent game where he sported it for the first time. “Radiant Orchid is perfect for football, since its radiance blinds the other team, especially when my throwin’ arm whizzes past them in a blur,” Manning told us after the Broncos defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on December 1. Well, the bright jersey sure didn’t hurt, as his throws sure met their mark that day.

This is the third year that Manning has set himself up as a trendsetter by choosing a colour for the upcoming year. He started the tradition back in 2011 when he was out for the season due to two surgeries on his neck that were necessary to address neck pain and weakness in that famous arm. “I didn’t have much else to do while waiting to heal,” Manning said in an interview in December of 2011, “and I’ve always had creative hobbies. I already helped write a kids book with my brother and dad, and I was really interested in working on the art for that. Instead, I ended up making art through picking colours that I think will be up and coming in the next year.”

He sure did—radiant orchid is clearly a winner. As reported by the Telegraph newspaper in the UK, “And it isn’t just for the female of the species – the hue ‘radiates on the skin, producing a healthy glow when worn by both men and women’ …” (…-Radiant-Orchid.html). Clearly, as the image of Manning in the colour of 2014 shows, they are right. Have you ever seen such a healthy glow on the face of a quarterback? We think not.

Manning’s 2013 colour was a bright emerald, and sure enough, catwalks and streets the world over showed how prescient he was (as shown by the fashion photos from 2013 provided by the Telegraph in this article: But we’re sure that the radiance of 2014’s orchid will outshine last year’s dull gem any day.