Mean Girls – Halloween Party Scene

Regina: Hey!

Aaron: Ohh no. Didn’t anybody tell you? What a cock up, you were supposed to wear a costume. Nice one, really.

Regina: Ohh shut up! I need to talk to you. You know that girl Cady?

Aaron: Yeah she’s cool. I invited her tonight.

Regina: Well be careful, I heard she thinks you’re the bees knees.

Aaron: Really? How do you know?

Regina: Because she told me. She tells everybody. It’s kinda cute actually. She’s like a little girl and writes all over her notebook “Mrs. Aaron Samuels”. And she made this t-shirt that says “Aaron is the bees knees” and she wears it under all her clothes.

Aaron: Oh bollocks.

Regina: Well who could blame her? You’re gorgeous. And okay look, I’m not saying she lost the plot, but she saved this kleenex you used and she said she’s going to do some african voodoo with it to make you think she’s the bees knees.

Aaron: I’m gobsmacked, she just seems dodgy to me.

Cady: This is it. Regina said she would talk to Aaron for me and now she was.

Regina: I know she’s kind of a damp squib, but she’s my mate, so promise me you won’t make fun of her.

Aaron: Of course I’m not going to make fun of her, everything will be hunky-dory.

Cady: How could Janis hate Regina? She was such a good…. WANKER.

Aaron: What are you doing? You broke up with me.

Regina: That’s rubbish, why would I break up with you? You’re the bees knees.