My Uggie Gif

I love the idea of #TBDS!

I have spent the day thinking about my favourite make and why. Well, here it goes:

When I made this gif I was only just starting to get addicted. I had heard people talking about ‘choosing the moment’ to gif and thought I had joined a weird cult…but that is another story.

About the same time we started to try to make gifs with added depth using white stripes. I did not get it and others, like Tina and Tom, tried to help me understand. I never got the stripes, but I got the ‘moment’ thing. I had the idea that I wanted to gif a Jack Russell and the obvious one to gif was Uggie from “The Artist’. I found videos and looked through many scenes to gif. In looking for a moment good for depth, I found the joy at finding just a moment.

Somebody said to me that when you got that moment in a gif you could watch it for ever. I can watch this one forever and others seem to like it too…but then who says no to a free puppy? I worked much harder on other animated gifs but this one is special because I spent a long time trimming the video to get the exact moment when Uggie gets up from the bed. Notable more for what I deleted from the scene than what I kept.