Mysterious Football Fan

“So it looks like the Giants are going to take the super bowl.” I looked up from my notebook. The man who said that to me was somewhat short. He was a shadowy figure, dressed in dark clothes and didn’t seem all that there.

“The Giants didn’t even make it into the playoffs, friend,” I said as I turned back to my notes. “You may want to lay off the sauce.”

From the corner of my eye, I watched him. He was staring at me incredulously, perhaps waiting for me to say more. Eventually he gave up waiting and started ranting about football player stats and listing off names of his favorite players. Something was definitely off about this guy. Most of what he said about the sport was nonsense, and I didn’t recognize a single name he mentioned in his ravings.

Who is this guy? Is he an Outsider. I looked back up, directly at him, but he was suddenly gone. One moment I was able to see him in the corner of my eye. But as I focused on him, he vanished, along with his voice. That gave me the creeps on the spot; someone was messing with me. Without waiting another second, I turned up my collar and walked briskly down the street.