No Internet..

As I look at other people’s responses to the daily create I have to think they are much stronger then me or I think very differently then others. If there was not internet I would lose my mind. My life depends so much around the internet. Google is my savior sometimes for my work and if I did not have that it is hard to find answers to questions that I did not have. Communicating with my girlfriend will be difficult because she is hard of hearing on sometimes we have to rely on software that helps transcribe what I say so she can understand. School work will be hard. I love Computer Science and all but it makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes. The online resources helps me in a jam even more articles and such for school. Getting music means we will actually have to go to the store and attempting to see friends across the world means that I have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to see them unless they send me a video through the mail. Even though we were able to live without internet for so long it will be difficult to fathom not having internet of any sort waking up. It will be a disaster for society as a whole because it is not really just a commodity anymore, it is need.