Oh Runescape

My first real venture onto the web, without much supervision was back in the days of Runescape. There was vast communication among players all over the country and probably the world. No one was good enough unless they were level 70 or higher: noobs, noobs, noobs.

I use to play this online game with a bunch of friends from my school and it was a way we communicated about random things before any of us had cell phones and texting. We talked about the game, went on quests, talked about homework, our crushes, etc… It was the prime spot for upper elementary and middle school kids. And if you were lucky enough your parents would pay about 4/5 dollars a month for you to be a member and you could venture into numerous different worlds. Runescape was back in the time where kids were still innocent. People were not trying to date you or be creepy; it was just a bunch of kids being competitive and playing a fun game. Back in the good ole days.