Hmmmmm this may be my favorite because it has given me a chance to take a pleasant walk down memory lane. I’ve done quite a few Daily Creates for almost two-and-a-half years (could it be two-and-a-half years???) Yes, since the summer of 2012 for me), but my favorite has to be one of my first, Aug 7, 2012 The Daily Create 212: Make a sock puppet version of a famous movie scene.

I’d only done a few TDCs at that time and this was one of my first videos. iMovie was not yet my friend. It was a great learning experience because my friend and pro videographer Bill played the sock (he really brought that sock to life!) and gave me some pointers on storyboarding the video. We shot the scenes and then I stayed up into the wee hours trying to get iMovie to realize my vision.

It was great fun! And, here’s to lots more.