Riffs Sprouting Up Overnight

How could I possible pick my “absolute favorite assignment” that I’ve created in my DS106 lifetime? First off, we are encouraged, if we don’t like what we are given, to create our own assignments and hopefully share them with others by making a deposit to the project bank. I’ve decided “assignment” doesn’t work for me and am replacing it with “project” for this daily create. But I’d still have a problem narrowing down my choices for a favorite projects.

I could though give a type of DS106 inspired creativity that is my favorite… that would be when we start building off of the DS106 art created by other DS106ers. Riffing off one another’s creations into who knows what universe. It’s even more fun with the various time zones at play. You wake up in the morning with delight at the riffs that sprouted up overnight.

* The DS106 invention, GIFaChrome, is a favorite. I was amazed at the willingness (and amazing creativity I have to say) of others who jumped in to play with me and my “invention”. Even though we held our much anticipated product launch at the end of the Headless ’13 “course”, the GIFaChrome camera and its many variations are still active in the community.

* The ultimate in collaborative DS106 craziness thus far for me has been spending the summer of 2014 over at the Burgeron Trailer on DS106 Stories Lane in Bovine County, TX. Tell me, tell me, who wouldn’t favorite collaboratively weaving a story loosely based on getting ready for a family reunion in celebration of the 100th birthday of the Burgeron Family Matriarch, Nana Lou… I’ve had a blast creating this fictional character’s online digital presence.

The group project started out innocent enough with a few characters in mind and a resident shrink to help us if needed. As the story line evolved a family song, The Burgeron Trailer Blues, was recorded. We found out we had long time resident ghosts as family members (with a dog named Boo), bovine dance instructors and caped crusaders Super Moo & Cowgirl, a mysterious Area DS106 right down the way, flying drones, cow abductions, and a motorcycle time machine… which NanaLou couldn’t resist after Cousin Ron left it laying next to the trailer. She took a joy ride, got lost somewhere in time and missed the whole reunion.

I enjoyed surprising everyone by turning the Burgeron website banner into a GIF and updating it with new relevant images as the story unfolded. While reading our collaborative blog will take a while to follow our story, a family member could catch you up in less than 5 minutes by using the banner as a visual aid. Come join us. There’s always room at the DS106 Burgeron Trailer.