Sid this is your day!

Sid is the perfect pet. He is a black lab with alot of personality. He loved to relax in his bedroom and go for walks near the lake behind our house.

Okay so Sid has one more day to live and play. Sid will start his day with a nice homemade breakfast of waffles, bacon, and eggs. We will sit together in the kitchen and chow down while watching cartoons. Sid will then go to the dog park to run and play with other dogs. I will bring his favorite kiddie pool so that he and the other dogs can splash around and make a mess. Making a mess, especially in mud, is Sids favorite pastime. Next we will go relax by our favorite spot near the lake. Laying on his favorite red blanket, we will put our feet in the water and splash around. Maybe even go for a quick swim. Finally we will go home, where Sid will have a down south feast. Entrees like mac and cheese, ham, turkey, and fish will be served.

After all is said and done, Sid and I will go back up to his room while he drifts peacefully to sleep.