So many great TDCs, too many to mention them all …

By no means could I tell which is my favorite TDC. There were so many, still many I could do because I didn’t do them yet, of many that I would like to re-do.

As mentioned earlier here, I and several other DS106-ers had one big DS106-project this summer:
The Burgeron Trailer Family Meeting.

There were so many wonderful contributions by all contributors … which again triggered others and me to respond with yet another digital contribution.
The family website:

I played 2 characters: old Ron Burgeron and his illiged son who’d been given up for adoption: Reginald Righley-Smithe also known as Reggy Burgeron.
Reggy had his own LinkedIn-account:
Even had his own list of academic publications:

The developing story inspired me into making a couple of stories to listen to:
or to read for yourself:

You could even test yourself on your knowledge on the Burgeron family:

Of course there was a lot of singing and dancing all around the trailer. The so-called Trailer-song went all around the world with contributing singers:

And last but not least there was Ron Burgeron singing about his muse Betty-Lou of Bovine, who never returned his love: