So many ‘ones’ that got away

I am fascinated by this prompt. I read it and connect with a whole lot of emotions I cannot name. I feel the same as I read all the entries. I want to offer an answer, but cannot place an individual in my past I would label as ‘the one who got away’.

I connect more with the sadness of all we lose as we navigate life and only realise its value on hindsight. The one who got away. The job? The boyfriend? The house? The friend? Yes to all the above.

I realise I spend little time reflecting on the alternative paths this life could have followed. So, here is what I would say to all those paths that got away:

It could have been you but it was not.
It could have been that job but it was not.
It could have been that house but it was not.

Loss? Some might say yes.

I could have apologised but I did not.
I could have called back but I did not.
I could have let you win but I did not.

Loss? I say yes.

You said forever but it was not.
You said you’d help but you did not.
The emergency came but you did not.

So many ‘ones’ that got way.
So many more that will.
Just the bittersweet nature of choice in life.