Striking up A Gym Convo

So ironically, today at the gym after I had just finished my improv ab workout this guy came up to me to ask me if I have seen results when doing my ab workout the way I have. I honestly said to him that I really do not have a strict work out that I stick to, instead I just do the most amount of reps I can do and do a few reps of them! He nodded in agreement and asked what exactly I did, I did my best effort to describe the method I used: like my oblique work outs, general crunches, and my medicine ball work outs. After that I went along and finished my gym time.
Before I was about to leave, he came up to me again ask if I would mind being his workout buddy. I gave him a quick run down of what I usually do and that I have a workout plan that my friend gave me if he wanted to follow it! We exchanged numbers and went on our way!