Text from the cover of a mid-price DVD re-issue of seasons 1-7 of “Jimmy McNulty and the Barksdale Gang”

(Tower TV Memories, this collection (c) and (p) Tower TV 2014)
(“Jimmy McNulty and the Barksdale Gang” – a Bava Bavabera production. First shown 1971.)

BACK ON OUR SCREENS for the first time in 40 years, lovable Irish Wolfhound detective “Jimmy McNulty” has his paws full keeping the Barksdale Gang away from those precious consignments of special sausages! With his loyal number two Kenneth Doberman he can’t fail to outwit the devious Avon Barksdale and his energetic sidekick “Springer” Bell.

Later series introduced McNulty’s harassed Chief of Police – the sarcastic and tired bloodhound William Jowls, and who could forget everyone’s favourite adorable and clumsy poodle – Bubbles! He just couldn’t get enough of those special sausages!

The show that spawned the playground catchphrase that swept the nation – “She-oooooooooot!” – is for the first time available to own and enjoy.

3 DVD set, includes:

* every episode of every series, from hilarious opener “The Target: Sausages” right through to the finale of season 8, the tear-jerking double-length farewell musical spectacular “–FIN–“.
* a gallery of your favourite characters, including never-before-seen development drawings.
* an exclusive interview with show creator, David Simon Rowan Peter – now a real-life detective!
* and the 2013 hit video of the single version of show theme “That Dog In The Whole” by Meghan Trainor.