The blueness of rush hour

Aug. 1, Carla Cheney, sitting in her own clothes,
in a scientific paper posted online,
reported a star just outside the Wal-Mart in Kemptville, Ont.

Lloyd, who was leaving Duluth Avenue in a parked truck,
Spotted police monitoring a gas giant after riding through a red light.
The Hubble Info Centre hadn’t started working and received a $40 ticket.

63 light years away orbits his dog
and an international group of scientists, peer-reviewed.
Cyclists detected the blueness of rush hour that morning.


“Woman fired from Wal-Mart after trying to help dog gets lawyer”:

“Planet orbiting nearby star is earthy blue”:

“Montreal cyclist fined for warning others about police spot check”:

(I only cheated once, using “info” instead of “information” in the 2nd stanza, to get 61 characters instead of more for that line!)