The Cowboy

I was walking along the sidewalk at night.A cool breeze tickiled my back.It was a beautiful night all up until…I saw a
Cowboy statue move.At frist I could and did not want to move.I started thinking about what I should do.Mabey it was just my imagenation,Mabey I am just really tired.I did not know what it was.Finnaly I dicided to get up closer.Not the smartest idea at the moment but we will see.
As I got closer to the statue I relized am I crazy what in the world am I doing? I wanted to stop in my head but my legs kept going. I reached the statue.I found my hand raising up to touch the statues nose.”Hey put your finger down!” I jumped back in shock.”di-did you just talk?” I strugled to ask.”Well ofcourse i did” the cowboy siad like are you crazy. I was still in shok but vary curios.I asked him all kinds of questions like were did he come from,how did he get here and how could he talk and lot of other questions.At the end of our conversation I felt like I made a new was almost 10:00 p.m so I told him I would come back tomorow.When I got home I slept right away to have the energy to see my new buddy.All through school I was thinking about what kind of things we could talk about.When school finnily ended I ran to the corner were my cowboy freind usually stands.To my suprise he was gone vanished.I was devistaded I just wanted to cry but not in public.But I could not hold them back so I just cried and cried.After that day I never went to that corner or saw that cowboy ever again