“The Drama It Brings Is Crazy”

The new comedy series “The Wire” aims to portray a loving family of business men and women. The family loves one another so much that they constantly make jokes about one another. They’re famous so they will do anything to uphold their family name.

What the family doesn’t know is that the local police station has wired and bugged their house so they can here everything that goes on. The police are all people who could care less about anything other than this one family. They literally go to work every day and just listen to the family. Anytime they are called out on a real job they’re never able to get to the scene quick enough and someone almost always gets hurt or killed in the most ridiculous way. But they shake it off and get right back to their “real” job of keeping up “The Wire.”

The entire series will take you on a comedic adventure through love, hate, laughter, humility, discuss, and appreciation.

*Watch at your own risk*