The Instructable

Today’s daily create was to make instructions for an every day item. I decided to make instructions about eating food. I love food.

Materials: 1 – Food, 1 – Set of Hands, 1 – Fork, Spoon, and Knife (optional)


1 – See and identify the food.

2 – Decide if it looks appetizing and you want to eat it.

3 – If you want to eat it, use your hand or a fork or spoon to pick up the food.

3a – If food is too big to pick up and appears too hard to bite, then use the knife to cut small, bite sized chunks.

4 – Take Food that you picked up, and move it toward your mouth, while doing this, open mouth.

5 – Insert food in mouth, remove hand or utensil, and bite down.

6 – Chew until the food is soft enough to swallow (chew count may vary depending on food)

7- repeat until you are full or you run out of food.