The one who got away hiding as a horse

Getting away: the basic rules.
By: the one who got away

Getting away is by no means easy.
It took me years to build my practice.
First I felt the desire.
The desire to be like snow or mist.
The desire to be like wind.
I felt my body had deep inside
a lightness and an urge to fly
It wanted to shift shapes.
To be like a leaf, or a cloud.

I didnt know what to do
Everyday I searched for ways
I stopped eating but I only became
terrible hungry and unattractive.
I entered sports, bungee jumping, ballet
but felt heavier all the time
I watched all flying things

with deep admiration

Then on a cold and dark morning
it came to me as a message
from some flying grandparent
far away

The message said

and so I got away.

Tiger Toes
the one who got away