The Tooth behind the Wire

It hurts. But main character Ruthless Toothless won’t admit it. He is, after all, supposed to be a toothless dragon. If the others found out that he was taking monthly trips to the orthodontist, his tough-guy persona would be lost. His handler Burp has no trouble sneaking him away in the dead of night since Ruthless Toothless is the color of the midnight sky, but just last episode, Burp and Ruthless Toothless were almost caught when Asteroid spotted them adjusting one errant wire after returning from the orthodontist just before dawn. The sneaky duo just pretended that they were saving sea creatures from traps and a wire had come loose from a crab pot. Burp had to find a large amount of wax to cover the braces and to keep the wire from cutting into Ruthless Toothless’s mouth without arousing Asteroid’s suspicions. Look for this coming week’s episode to reveal whether an emergency trip to the orthodontist will be necessary if the wax doesn’t do the trick. But how will Burp and Ruthless Toothless get away one night now that the fall racing season has begun? Tune in to find out.