Vodka in Bovine County?

It is said that Jason Barber.. You do know him? He is a dairy farmer from Bovine. His wife does the cheese factory. They say he makes vodka from cow’s milk. Would you believe that? The Sheriffs has been on the farm, but they could not find a bottle of vodka. But would you trust our sheriffs to find anything smaller than Bovine mountain? I reckon Barber is smarter than a sheriff, he did hide the vodka of course.

And it could be done. They say you must separate the milk into curds and whey. Have seen this documentary. The curds are used to make cheese. You do know how to make cheese? The curds is for his wife and the cheese factory. And the whey is fermented with yeast to convert the milk sugar into alcohol. It is then distilled and triple filtered to create vodka.
They say it is good vodka.