We are all going to win this war

There are no kings in America, no lives to be lost, no games to be played, and no wars to be won. Every child you see on these pretty little streets, they are all going to have a damn fine life. So what need have we to be afraid when justice will always be served? What need have we to fear from the night or the day when there are no monsters left in hiding? The men and women serving this beautiful city, our peacekeepers, they always know what to do, how to help, and let us just be. Equality. Moderation. Compassion. There is only truth in this fine city. What you see is what you get, moving through these lighted streets. Money isn’t worth a life. Money just sits crumpled in our pockets, waiting to be spent on ponies and ice cream. We wage no wars in the streets because we know there are no wars to be fought, no wars to be won, and no tyrants to be taken down. What you see is what you get in every window that you pass. What you see is what you get, and only justice will be served.