West Wunderkind vs Warhol

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Kanye West Meets Andy Warhol

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Contrary to recent news headlines, American hip hop recording artist, entrepreneur and fashion designer Kanye West, born 1977, did NOT hire Andy Warhol, who died in 1987, to design smartphone skins with his monthly allowance when he was six years old.

The allegations stated that West was a child electronics wunderkind who invented the Straight Talk Huawei Android Prepaid Smartphone with his Legos kit in 1986.

He approached Mr. Warhol with a design concept for the retro 60s smartphone skins when West’s mother took him to see a Warhol retrospective at the Chicago Museum of Art opening.

Warhol entertained the nascent rapper with a certain benevolent avuncularity, patted him on the head and said,”That’s nice, kid. Now scram before I put you in a Campbell’s Tomato soup can and zip the lid on.”

Turning to West’s mom, he said, “What IS a smartphone, anyway? Kid’s a sharp little dresser. Take those Legos away and give him a Singer sewing machine.”

Warhol was dead within the year, but his advice proved prescient as West went on to become a leading fashion designer for hip hop culture in the early years of the twenty-first century.

The Huawei smartphone design reemerged as a leading Walmart brand, still, sadly, only available in black.