When I saw $50 blowing in the wind

I was just standing there while on vacation, when all of a sudden, I saw $50 blowing down the street. So I started to chase it. First it started gently blowing down the sidewalk. I thought I had cornered it about 100ft from the store but I was out of luck. So it flew up int the air near I sign. I jumped to catch it and on the way back down, I twisted my ankle. So I started to limp down the street and what do you know, it blows into the street.

I limp into what I thought was slow oncoming traffic. I was wrong. The $50 bill was quickly blown to the other side of the street and sat there mocking me. When traffic slowed enough for me to make it across the street, I hoped over and the money started to blow back up toward the corner of winslow. I slammed my foot on the ground in anger and for a quick few seconds the wind stopped blowing.

I then preceded to pick up my so deserved reward when a truck flew past me. It kicked up enough wind that my money fell down into the storm drain.