Who drinks beer????

Man let me tell you about the crazy dream I had last night. So, it was a normal hot day and I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona. It seemed like I had been walking forever just to get here. While I was walking the sky started to turn this gross puke green color and when I looked up I could have sworn I seen faces in the sky. Weird right? Not really since it’s a dream.

Anyways, when I finally got to the corner I was so hot and sweaty that I had to take a break and sit down on the curb. But then as soon as I sat down this strange music started playing. It sound like a xylophone was playing right in my ear, so I whipped my head around but all I saw was this statue of a man holding a guitar.

So I told myself I must be going crazy and I kid you not, as soon as I said that the statue man turned to me and said, “yea, you certainly are going crazy, would you like a beer?”

“Whaaaaattt???, You talking to me????” I asked.

“well you’re the only one here aren’t you? and you looked at me crazy? HA!”

Lord have mercy I just couldn’t believe what was going on right now. But then for some reason I took the beer he offered me, and I dont even drink beer!!!!

When I sipped it I spit it back out and yelled yuck and I guess I insulted Mr. Statue man because he looked appalled and then he snatched the beer out my hand and was about to throw it at me but then I woke up from my dream because the beer taste was still on my tongue and it was so gross and I couldn’t live like this.

And apparently after that crazy dream I must have forgetten how to use punctuation because that story was a rough one to get through, right? Sorry.

The end.