Wire Game of Thrones Style

The Wire Game of Thrones Edition: The Wire is a show centered around three main families: The Barksdales, the Sobotkas and the Coppers. Each of these families live in far off places and control a different markets and use them to fight for the throne in “The Game.” The Barksdales control the run-down streets and drug culture of King’s Landing, though Avon and his right-hand man Stringer maintain control in the towers. The Sobatkas maintain the isles of Braavos, taking advantage of shipping trade and smuggling among the many islands. The Coppers are made up of many different workers, but spearheaded by honorable lawmen, most of the time anyway. They live in the North and control the Wall, always trying to stop the spread of crime from the Barksdales and Sobatkas.