Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Woman scrolling through her Facebook timeline at work
Woman: “WTF! This emoji is def(initely) nsfw,” she yelled; burning herself on her espresso and giving her a crema mustache.
Friend: “What is it?”
Woman: “Idk…maybe an x rated version of chilaquiles”
Friend: “It looks like it’s a mutated CCD or something. Why are there so many ads on here? Keep clicking on them and see what happens.”
Woman: “No! Don’t you know that’s click fraud? I could go to jail.”
Friend: “Stop exaggerating! Well, that is some click bait going on there.”
Woman: “I guess…I’m surprised it’s even on here. The office must believe in net neutrality then.”
Continues to scroll through timeline
Friend: “EW! Look at that guy’s face! What is he doing?”
Woman: “What a great photo bomb.”
Both: *Giggle*
Boss: “Get back to work you two.”